• Stop Motion Heart

    Video created for Melissa's Produce with all red fruits and vegetables. Styled by Cindie Flannigan.

  • Stop Motion Carrot

    Video created for Melissa's Produce. Styled by Cindie Flannigan and Tasha Powell.

  • Amara Chocolate and Coffee

    Amara Barroeta shows how she makes chocolate using Venezuelan beans in her Pasadena shop.

  • SMMOA's Incognito

    Santa Monica Museum of Art produces a unique fundraiser.

  • Dancing Creek Winery

    Jim and Robin Boyle talk about their award-winning wines produced at their Dancing Creek winery.

  • Actor Aaron Lustig on an Actor's Bag of Tricks

    Aaron Lustig, an actor in Los Angeles as well as an instructor at the Strasberg Institute, tells what every actor needs to begin their acting journey.

  • Organic Farming Certification

    Farmers talk about the process of having their farms certified organic.

  • Claudia Christian Turns 50

    Actress Claudia Christian talks about her 50th birthday party.

  • Two Bodies, One Brain

    A fun video with Denise Vivaldo and Cindie Flannigan talking about their working relationship as food stylists with the Denise Vivaldo Group.

  • Jake Steinfeld for Jamba Juice

    Fitness guru Jake Steinfeld touts the benefits of Jamba Juice.

  • The Spirit of CCOF

    California Certified Organic Farmers certifying organization turns 40 with a look at the past and an eye to the future.

  • "All In"

    Actress Becky Wahlstrom's ("Joan of Arcadia" "The Opposite of Sex") one-woman show.

  • A Bird's Nest Napkin

    Denise Vivaldo demonstrates how to fold a napkin into a bird's nest. From her book.

  • Stop Motion Napkin Folding

    Food stylist Cindie Flannigan folds a napkin.

  • A Cymbal of Love

    Jewelry maker Wesla Weller demonstrates the making of her heart pendant, from getting discarded guitar strings to creating the finished product.

  • AJ Catalano, Prop Maker

    As a child, AJ Catalano built sci-fi gadgets and gizmos. As an adult, he gets paid for it.

  • Griffith Park Mood Piece

    A black and white video shot for fun on the road to Griffith Observatory.

  • UCLA Pathway's Robin Clayton

    A marketing piece for UCLA Extension's Pathway program.

  • A Brush with Death

    Day of the Dead photo shoot with a couple and makeup artist Amanda Martinez.

  • What's the Demand for Organic?

    Farmers talk about the demand for their organic crops.

  • Healthy Living with Jake Steinfeld

    Jake interviews Andrew Sikking of Oh Yes! foods.

  • Jake Steinfeld and Dr. Levi Harrison

    "Jake Steinfeld interviews Dr. Levi Harrison, MD— an orthopedic surgeon and creator of "The Art of Fitness" about key steps to start getting fit."