About Us

You're on the About Us page... but for us, it's all about you.

We believe you should put forth the best image possible for whatever your needs are.

If you want a cinematic portrait as if you were being photographed for a national magazine, we can do it. If you're looking for a headshot that gets you noticed because it's exactly what you look like and what they're looking for, we can do it. If you want a unique image for business that conveys drama or power or sincerity, we can do it.

We also offer you creative video that tells the world -- succinctly -- who you are and what you stand for.

Diana is also an accomplished animal photographer here in Los Angeles and recently photographed the Los Angeles Kings and their dogs for a calendar. To see her pet specific work, visit Diana Lundin Modern Pet Portraiture.

We are a small shop, we are a nimble shop, but we get results like the big shops.

Call us at 818.481.5214 or email diana at