Your picture needs to look like you on your best day. We plan your headshot shoot according to your needs, recognizing that your image is the first thing that casting directors will use in determining whether you're called in for an audition. We make sure that what the casting director sees when you walk in is the same person as your headshot. That's important. You need to look like you.

We're not taking glamour, portraits or modeling images. We are taking headshots, a headshot that gives you a foot in the door and will get you auditions. And you'll know you've gotten exactly the looks you need because you'll see them before you walk out the door. We review your images on a laptop as we shoot so you can be confident of what you'll get.*

The best headshots are when you know what you want and are prepared. What kind of characters can you play? What is your agent sending you out for? When you have a true sense of what your range is and can reflect that in an image, the casting director will see that. That doesn't mean you need to come in wearing scrubs and a lab coat if you're the doctor type. It just means the proper choice of clothing and expression helps the casting director see you in that part.

Headshots should be taken every year. You always need to reflect who you are and that can change if you switch hairstyles, gain or lose weight, or have any other noticeable differences in your appearance. Remember, you have to look like who you are now, not who you were five years ago. Styles change and can date you.


Our basic package begins at $350, which gives you two marketing looks/clothing changes, two retouched images, and a zip file or online gallery of your proofs to choose from. Each retouched image will come in two sizes, one for the casting web sites and one for printing. You can have additional images retouched for $15 each. Add $150 for makeup. We have three makeup artists in our bag of tricks or you can bring your own but it is essential for women and optional for men.

About retouching: We retouch using restraint. Although we polish you to your best advantage, we will make you look human, not alien. We will take out transient blemishes but leave in moles or other permanent parts of your face. We will make your eyes dominant but not like headlights. We won't change your hair color, give you a nose job, or take away every single line from your face. We want you to look like the best version of you, not an unrealistic one.



  • Get plenty of rest and don't go out partying the night before. It will show even with all the Photoshopping I can humanly do.
  • Bring several changes of clothing so we can make the right selection. Solids are best. Earth tones are good. Clothing that brings out your eye color is appropriate, too. Ladies, not too sexy unless that is your type. Know your types! It's not the clothing that speaks, it's your eyes.
  • Iron your clothes. We can touch them up if we need to but don't bring a bag of wrinkled clothing.
  • Women: We require the services of a professional makeup artist. You can bring your own makeup artist or we can arrange the services of a makeup artist.
  • Men: Although you don't need a makeup artist, you should have on hand Chapstick or some sort of clear lip balm for your lips and either powder or blotting tissue for shine.
  • Acting students, ask about discounts. We can accommodate you as you begin your exciting journey into the acting profession!

*Because you can see what you are getting before you leave, we offer reshoots only for technical issues.