Need just one headshot to let the world know who you are? Our basic business headshot is $275 and you get a perfectly retouched image with no additional licensing fees. We'll send that image to you in three sizes so you don't even have to resize it yourself.


We also offer discounted rates if your entire staff needs fresh headshots for your website or social media. We come to you if three people or more are booked for headshots; the more staff members you book, the deeper your discount. Each person receives two retouched headshots with no additional licensing fees. Please ask us for a quote. We travel throughout the greater Los Angeles area and Orange and Ventura counties.


We highly recommend the services of a professional hair and makeup artist. We provide glimpses of your shoot along the way to allow you to make any adjustments you feel necessary. We can advise you on clothing choices that work for your ultimate goal.


Retouching is done with restraint and is meant to look like the best possible version of you. Facial wrinkles are smoothed, a few pounds might be removed (on request), blemishes are vanquished, age spots are... what age spots? If on the off-chance they're there, we'll take care of them, too. For more complex editing, such as removing or adding makeup, taking wrinkles out of clothing, or extensive slimming, we may refer you to a professional retoucher at your expense. Reshoots are reserved solely for technical failures or at our discretion. We do not offer reshoots for poor makeup or clothing choices.


Got questions? We've got answers. Give us a call at 818.481.5214 or email and we'll guide you through anything you need to know and get your headshot scheduled.


"Isn't it time to show them who you really are?"